Seriously, have I ever mentioned how much of an inspiration Vera Wang is for me? I can't get enough of it. Again another pretty collection from Wang, this time venturing into classic dressmaking with strong structured silhouettes, a switch from her usual masculine but graceful pieces (yes, a strange mix at first, but she makes it work), showcasing a blur of beautiful, elegant and artistic designs. 

The show opened with a dozen or so monochromatic numbers with majority of it consisting of a strong black layered structure against a simple grey canvas, with the occasional appearance of sequins and faux fur. It then progressed fairly quickly through a galore of vivid floral prints and bold pops of colours, keeping the recurring opera glove accessory. 

The finale of the collection was filled with shimmer and youth, adopting a more fitted, feminine look as opposed to the plunging armholes at the start. Iridescent pink and purples balanced out by simple blacks with the occasional lace detailing made the whole collection seem ever so lovely.

The photos really don't do any justice to the designs, watch the whole show here.

 A bold and feminine take on fashion by the one and only Vera Wang. 



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