For those that don't know, I graduated from high school this year!!! Of course a celebration is necessary no? So after a couple of weeks of crazy formal struggles as well as days of utter boredom and existential contemplation, we were off to Gold Coast!!! 

Some readers requested that I did an outfit compilation for gold coast but I got caught up in the Schoolies celebrations and only managed to shoot for the 2 out of the 4 days before the start of official Schoolies madness (sorry, for those who still want to know, I basically just wore singlets, shorts or bikinis anyway).

Look 1:

.: Dress, MinkPink | Cutout Boots | Hat, Mooloola | Shoulder Pouch, Alice in the Eve :.

SkyPoint for an amazing 360 view of Surfers Paradise and beyond, quite breathtaking. I just threw on a casual summer dress for comfort since it was more of a get-to-know-this-place kinda day :) and a hat just coz. I do love this dress though because of its simple layered effect as well as the cute laser cut detailing that helped bring a balance between the white and the green.

Look 2:

.: Top, MinkPink | Shorts, Evil Twin | Sunglasses, Sportsgirl :.

Another casual day by the pool + grocery shopping + wristband collecting. Just threw on something quick simple for a relaxing day. (I also dyed my hair blonde for half of that day, a very tragic tragic moment of my post-hsc life). 

Anyhow, the next few days were spent tanning by the pool and partying at night (with a dark brown hair thank god)

more posts soon! along with a revamping of this hideous theme x

alice xx


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