I hope y'all had a great time celebrating NYE with friends and family, whether it be viewing the regular firework display at the harbour or from the TV screen at home [all you couch potatoes out there, I feel you]. This year, however, being a fresh new adult and all, I decided to watch the fireworks from a club venue with a couple of my closest friends, saying goodbye to that stressful, hectic year that was 2014. 

As well as saying goodbye to the tragic year that was 2014, I'd like to make several amendments to my blogging habits haha. So some Ambrosial Minds new years resolutions?

1. One new post every week (maybe Wednesday)
2. Runway reviews & experimentation with posts
3. Improve this blog theme and find new fonts etc
4. Interact more with subscribers or readers <3 <3
5. Incorporate a bigger variety of brands & styles 

Nice & simple so let's hope AmbrosialMinds survives haha

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to shoot my nye outfit [didn't want to lug around a giant DSLR to the club, ya feel? (hence that iPhone fireworks photog)]

Lots of love,

alice xx


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